Our story.

“If you could do anything for a living, what would it be?” I inquired of Joe shortly before we were married in 2013.

“A sustainable farmer. I’d work the land and I’d work with animals,” he replied.

I had nothing resembling a green thumb and struggled to appreciate spending $25.00 on plants that I didn’t understand, but that day committed to learning more about care for plants and learn to appreciate what he cared deeply about. Plus, I love learning.

Fastforward to December, 2015 we bought 60 acres and began to establish a home alongside one of Iowa’s rivers. The land mixed pasture (previously used for corn), swamp and forest. We decided immediately not to spray or treat the space and chose a crop for part of the space that would feed animals without any requirement of chemicals. During this time my interest in gardening grew and so did Joe’s passion for earth care and animals.

We first experimented with laying hens, added a few Nigerian Dwarf dairy goats and in 2019 added Scottish Highlands. Now, we’re proud to include all these foragers on our land as well as Mangalitsa pigs and Jacob’s sheep.

We’re on a journey of learning how to nurture our soil and heal the land while enjoying the bounty resulting from our care and look forward to connecting and sharing it with you.

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