Farm & Produce

Iowa-based produce, Scottish Highland beef, Meridan Jacobs lamb,
Mangalitsa pork and more.

Non-GMO | Pasture Raised | No Added Hormones | Antibiotic Free

Fresh from the farm

We provide high quality, safe, no added hormone heritage meats from
pasture-raised animals.

No added hormones and pasture-raised Scottish Highland beef.
Pasture-raised with no added hormone Mangalitsa pork.
No hormones added pasture-raised poultry.

Contact us for availability and pricing.

Meet Our Cattle

Meet our family of Scottish Highland cattle and learn what makes their beef unique, high quality and a great choice for your health.

Regenerative Agriculture

We’re committed to regenerative practices and raise animals and produce by replicating what’s in nature as effectively as we know how. This includes an ecology mixing multiple plants and utilizing different animals to limit pests, and promote soil and animal health.

Mangalitsa pigs are hardy and friendly animals we love having on the farm. Plus, some people call them the “Kobe beef” of pork.
Farm fresh eggs from poultry that are pasture-raised
and without added hormones.
Our pasture-raised flock lives on our 60-acre farm where the coexist with other farm animals and feed on what exists in nature.
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