Products fresh from our Iowa pastures to your kitchen table.

Mangalitsa Pork – Pasture Raised

Sometimes called the “kobe beef” of pork, Mangalitsa are an old breed originating from Hungary. While some pork is considered the “other white meat” Mangalistas are known for offering a cut of warm reddish meat marbled with fats. At one time, they were one of the most popular breeds raised for your kitchen table. Highwater Highlands sells half and whole pigs which are pasture raised without added hormones. These farm friends spend live their lives tilling up and providing vital nutrients to our pastures in Iowa.

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Scottish Highland Beef – Pasture Raised

Think tender, full-flavored, high protein beef. Extensive foraging throughout our Iowa pastures helps these cattle produce some of the highest protein content in beef. Enjoy a quarter, half or full cow from Highwater Highlands. These beauties spend their lives rotating through pastures, enriching our soil and enjoying a supplement of hay and alfalfa (harvested from our farm without any chemicals) in the winter.

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Jacob’s Lamb/Sheep – Pasture Raised

This tender and juicy cut of pasture-raised lamb will make your mouth water. Jacob’s sheep have been raised for centuries and are shown in images dating back to the 1700s looking nearly identical. You’ll recognize this rare heritage or heirloom breed by their four horns and pie-bald wool. These ladies and gentlemen are excellent foragers.

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Poultry/Broilers – Whole Chickens

Our chickens enjoy life rotating through pastures among our pigs, sheep and cattle. These animals take around 8 weeks to mature and are sold whole and are without added hormones or unnecessary antibiotics.

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Farm Fresh Eggs

The warm-yellow yolk of a farm raised egg is something to celebrate, isn’t it? We’re grateful to have a flock of laying hens who provide a variety of colored eggs. These chickens are raised in the same pastures as our other farm friends and enjoy a foraged diet. They earn their keep by keeping the bug population under control.

Did you know? Store bought eggs can be up to a year old.

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